Utility Billing

Scale up or down as needed. Down to the minute, consumption only, billing ensures you only pay for the resources used.

Preinstalled Images

Rapidly launch a variety of preinstalled images such as WordPress,  GitLab, and Magento. 

Superior Service

We have a distinguished record of providing superior customer service. Our passionate support techs have years of hosting experience.

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Our tier 3+ certified datacenter resides in the highly-secure former FED Bank of Dallas, which is located on a protected power grid. Every cloud or dedicated instance is backed by an available 500Gbps of free DDoS  protection.

Secure Data Services

Locally Owned and Operated

Based in Dallas, we've provided enterprise-grade cloud and dedicated server hosting to companies world-wide since 2007. Experience the best ping times from a trusted, local provider.

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Experience unrivaled cloud performance

Performance and Stability

OnePortal Rapid was engineered to yield stellar performance, scalability, and high availability. The Ceph storage system provides triple data replication and is configured for self-healing. Instances are provisioned within seconds.

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