DDoS Protection

We offer an enterprise DDoS protection service that uniquely offers three layers of detection and protection up to 20Gbps and 12M packets per second.

24/7 Passionate Support

Our support team is located within our data center with direct access to your servers 24/7.  Our average response times to tickets is less than 10 minutes.

Premium Data Center

Our Tier3+ data center is located in Dallas, Texas within the former Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Texas. Our advanced network is powered by multiple tier one fiber carriers.

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(877) 586-0555

Intel Xeon

E3-1270v2 3.5GHz x4

Solid Multi-purpose Server


60GB SSD or 500GB SATA2

10TB outbound bandwidth

100Mbps uplink port

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Featured Configuration

Intel Xeon

E3-1290v2 3.7GHz x4

Fast, High-performance


128GB Samsung 840 SSD

10TB outbound bandwidth

1000Mbps uplink port

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Dual Xeon

E5-2620 2.0GHz x12

Dual Proc Powerhouse



10TB outbound bandwidth

100Mbps uplink port

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Feel the power of full SSD & gigabit ports standard!

Intel Xeon

X3430 2.4GHz x4

  • 16GB DDR3 RAM
  • 60GB SSD or 500GB SATA2
  • 10TB outbound bandwidth
  • 100Mbps uplink port
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Limestone Networks is built on passionate support.

What will you build your future with?

Limestone Networks has been providing enterprise-level hosting to companies world-wide since 2007. We have dedicated and cloud solutions to fit any company's needs.

Enterprise-level solutions

Performance and stability

We support our cutting edge speed and redundancy with a passionate support team.  We maintain the human connection that is neccessary for your best customer experience.

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